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An exclusive job site for Islamic Finance industry Jobs. Based out of the UK, it caters to Global employers looking for job seekers with knowledge in Sharia finance. is owned by Sharia Recruitment and Management Services Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Halal Industries Group plc. It is a dedicated recruitment site to cater to the ever growing demand for Sharia Knowledge workers in the Financial services Industry.

To cater to this demand for Sharia skilled workers and the enormous skill shortages that are prevalent in this sector, the company will also launch a dedicated site for training and education – in the coming future.

The current global financial crisis, like all crises, provides opportunities for those who are well-placed to benefit from it. Islamic finance is fortunate to be shielded from the problems that hit conventional finance, and this is largely because of the difference in the ethical foundations of its instruments. Shariah compliance has prevented the excesses of securitization, leverage and complexity that created the leverage bubble and now the confidence-crushing aftermath.

The Islamic finance industry is considered to be around 1.03 trillion US $ as per the latest HSBC industry statistics report released at the Reuters Islamic Summit February 2010.

According to a recent survey, the barrier to entry into Islamic finance for the financial markets in the US, UK and Europe was the lack of knowledge based workers in Shariah product development and management.

The environment of distrust in conventional products has given Islamic finance a unique opportunity. Confidence in Islamic products is now higher because there are easy-to-understand underlying assets backing each transaction. Moreover, Islamic finance’s record of innovation and adaptation over the past four years demonstrates its ability to capitalize on the temporary weakness of conventional products.

Yet for Islamic finance to capitalize on the opportunities presented by the current financial crisis, it must overcome the skills shortage that has become evident in the past four years of growth.

There is a shortage of knowledge and skills in Islamic finance, particularly in the development of Sharia-compliant products and the marketing of such products amongst mainstream financial institutions.

Islamic finance unlike conventional finance, adheres to strict Sharia principles. This requires high quality financial reporting and enhanced disclosure of financial information. There is also a need for a centralised Sharia Supervisory Board which is independent and consistent.

A shortage of expertise and a lack of regulatory harmonisation among Shariah principles are the biggest obstacles for growth in the Islamic finance sector, according to a new report published by the British accounting firm, BDO.

Inspite of such obstacles most of the executives in the Islamic finance sector still see it growing by as much as 20% in the next 3 years because of a lack of confidence in the “conventional” banking sector. hopes to bridge this skill gap.

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