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GoBe - The Virtual Recruiting Assistant

GoBe is a recruiter's best friend. He can help you attract and engage candidates from Facebook, job boards, and even your career site. GoBe can Grow your Talent Pipeline, while Educating and Pre-...

Job Fairing was created to help job seekers find local job fair events near them. We work with leading companies and top job fair event companies to make this happen. When we find a job fair event we...
HR Pedia

HR Pedia is a blog that covers a wide range of topics such as recruitment and staffing, job hunting, career building that are useful for job recruiters and job seekers. For more details, visit http:/...
Cultured Vultures

Love to write but don't know who or where would publish it? Or maybe you just want something meaty for your C.V.? Then submit to Cultured Vultures.

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